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60 Series for Steam


The price to produce steam has risen in the last several years, making energy efficiency and reliability paramount in steam system operations. What we did 10 years ago is no longer acceptable. The elimination of practices like venting large amounts of steam, dumping condensate, and even steam leakage, calls out a need for quality parts that work well while conserving energy in your steam system. If you haven’t upgraded your steam systems recently, consider these unloaded steam costs:

  • Pre-2000s: unloaded cost of steam was approximately $1.10/1000 lbs
  • Today the unloaded cost of steam is approximately $6.50/1000 lbs

Your numbers may be different than general industry numbers of a 500% increase, but the takeaway is energy conservation is here to stay and it prevents your profits from leaking away. Additionally, investment in steam products that are designed to work well with a long lifespan can significantly reduce facility costs.

In many cases, using Swagelok's standard 60 Series ball valve will get the job done. However, Swagelok also offers two ball valve options that can help optimize your plant steam processes.

Our ball valve designed for steam service can reduce lost energy, downtime, and safety hazards associated with leaking valves in a steam system. Unlike conventional sealing methods, the patented design of the seats and stem packing in the steam series ball valves resist the erosive nature of steam, thus improving performance and enhancing safety.

  • Temperature ratings as low as -20 to 600°F (-28 to 315°C)
  • Pressure rated up to 2500 psig (172 bar)
  • Materials of construction: 8-bolt; PEEK stem bearing, packing, and seats (which resist absorption of water and erosive damage of steam), and Grafoil flange seals
  • Designed to resist erosive properties of steam and water

Designed for use with saturated steam systems, the Swagelok TVA series integrated test valve assembly consists of two 60 series ball valves and a universal mount in one integrated package.

  • Service rating: 250 psig (17 bar) at 417°F (214°C)
  • Offers fast, visual monitoring of steam trap performance
  • The upstream isolation valve allows for quick, safe, and reliable maintenance of the steam trap