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Swagelok Northwest (US)

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Advanced Training

Training | Swagelok Northwest (US)

Advanced Training and Education

Swagelok Advanced Training programs and courses provide you with practical tools for meeting day-to-day challenges and keeping up with the latest fluid system technologies. Taught by local Swagelok-certified trainers at locations and times convenient to you, these advanced training courses provide a strong foundation of knowledge while taking it a step further.

Our programs focus on applying tools and components used with facilities, bringing theoretical concepts to real-world application. Trainees leave with a sound understanding of what fluid systems are and advanced techniques to improve them.


Advanced Fluid System Training Courses

Tube Bending Training | Swagelok Northwest (US)

Advanced Tube Bending

Learn multiple methods of tube bending for both simple and complex bends using Swagelok tube benders. Practice segmented bends, rolling offsets, and more in the advanced course.

Training | Swagelok Northwest (US)

Materials Science

Learn how to choose materials based on pressure/temp ratings, corrosive-resistant materials, and compliance to keep fluid systems leak-tight and aligned with the highest quality industry standards.

PASS Training | Swagelok Northwest (US)

Process Analyzer Sampling Systems (PASS)

Explore how sampling systems function. Learn principles and formulas for sound design. Gain a high-level understanding of sampling systems while designing and building an optimized system that delivers timely, accurate results. 

Steam Training | Swagelok Northwest (US)

Steam Systems

Learn advanced techniques to properly design, operate, and maintain a steam system for improved efficiency, productivity, and safety, as well as reduced emissions.

Orbital Welding Training | Swagelok Northwest (US)

Orbital Welding

Learn orbital welding principles, welding system setup, operation, and troubleshooting techniques from Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI) and Certified Weld Educators (CWE).