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Swagelok Northwest (US)

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Advanced Tube Bending

Instructor teaching student

Swagelok Advanced Tube Bending Training

Too much pressure can break your tools or cause a bad bend. You want to apply pressure in the right place to the right extent.


This advanced course teaches different methods of tube bending for both simple and complex offset bends. Use both hand and benchtop tube benders as you learn practical tube bending techniques.


Swagelok's Advanced Tube Bending Course will give you instruction about:


  • The measure-bend method of tube bending
  • How to make segmented bends and rolling offsets
  • The Swagelok method of tube bending
  • How to make both simple and complex offset bends by using hand and bench-top tube benders


This class is ideal for fabricators, installers, technicians, contractors, engineers, and managers.




If you're interested in a short refresher course covering the fundamentals of tube bending techniques, look at Swagelok Northwest (US)'s Tube Bending Essentials training.