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Swagelok Northwest (US)

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Swagelok Northwest (US) Materials Science Training

Learn more about the microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties of materials. This course will help you select the right materials for your application. This knowledge will help you create long-term system improvements and enhance sample reliability.


In Swagelok Northwest (US)'s Materials Science Training course, you will learn principles of materials science and factors affecting materials including:


  • How to identify design errors
  • Different types of corrosion and how specific alloys resist corrosion
  • How materials behave
  • How industry standards impact your material choice
  • How to select optimal construction materials based on pressure and temperature ratings
  • How to select proper components to address sour gas corrosion and NACE standards


This class is ideal for engineers, managers, supervisors, buyers, purchasing agents, technical associates, and anyone involved in materials selection.