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Swagelok Northwest (US)

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Life Sciences

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   Life Sciences

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is emerging as a biotechnology center, and is currently ranked fifth in the nation for biotechnology industry concentration.

Swagelok Northwest (US) is well-equipped to support biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, researchers, and medical device manufacturers in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

From the U.S. Navy, to space exploration, to the most reputable pacemaker manufacturers, customers have come to trust in Swagelok's skilled integrators to aid in assembly and fabrication, reliable fluid system components and draw from a global network of experience to perform under pressure.

Swagelok works with some of the largest companies in the industry in production environments like:

  • Device and pill manufacturing, as well as in lab reliability testing facility 
  • Gas distribution
  • Product extrusion and coating applications

TS Series Biopharm Fittings

Swagelok Northwest (US) offers Swagelok's TS Series Biopharm Fittings for the Bioprocessing and Pharmaceutical Industries that virtually eliminate fluid holdup, improve drainability, enhance cleanability, provide easy assembly, and come in 1/2 through 4 in. sizes. 

Sanitary Fittings

Tube fittings with sanitary flanges, sanitary gaskets, sanitary clamps. We can source them for you.

Swagelok PFA Hose

In a tightly regulated industry like biopharmaceuticals, plant operators can’t change parts on a whim. Fortunately, Swagelok U series PFA hose is FDA compliant, and comes with documentation certifying the materials of construction. Additionally, each and every hose is pressure tested and inspected to ensure it meets these exacting standards. Swagelok PFA hose is highly flexible, with a smooth-bore PFA core that complies with FDA regulation 21CFR Part 177.1550, USP <87, 88> Class VI, and 3-A. An optional carbon black-filled PFA core is available for applications that require static dissipation. Swagelok Coreflex U series hose is commonly used where high flexibility, chemical compatibility, and a smooth exterior cover are desired.

Standard Swagelok Products

Achieve leak-tight performance with a robust tube grip and vibration resistance. The remarkable dependability of the Swagelok tube fitting has been proven with over 65 years of success, and has been documented in numerous published test reports, including those performed under extreme conditions. Swagelok also produces a full line of filters, hose, pressure gauges, quick-connects, pressure regulators, tubing, and valves to name a few.

Swagelok Custom Solutions

In addition to the fluid components needed in these areas, local assembly and fabrication services in Anchorage, Portland, Seattle, and Tri-Cities can actually produce the high-quality gas regulation and distribution needs of equipment manufacturers. In these scenarios, Swagelok will optimize the design of the system as specified and source, assemble, weld and package the panels or part for you. This allows your focus to be elsewhere and reduces the time spent on labor at your facility. The complete panels, tubing, hoses or other assemblies arrive ready to install and are backed by Swagelok’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.