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Swagelok Northwest (US)

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Life Sciences

Life Science | Swagelok Northwest (US)

Life Sciences

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is emerging as a biotechnology center, and is currently ranked fifth in the nation for biotechnology industry concentration.

Swagelok Northwest (US) is well-equipped to support biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, researchers, and medical device manufacturers in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

From the U.S. Navy, to space exploration, to the most reputable pacemaker manufacturers, customers have come to trust in Swagelok's skilled integrators to aid in assembly and fabrication, reliable fluid system components and draw from a global network of experience to perform under pressure.

Swagelok works with some of the largest companies in the industry in production environments like:

  • Device and pill manufacturing, as well as in lab reliability testing facility 
  • Gas distribution
  • Product extrusion and coating applications