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Swagelok's 60 Series Ball Valve Handles 99 of 100 Jobs


Ball valves are a practical way to control flow in a wide variety of applications. Wondering what kind of valve is best for your needs?


Swagelok's 60 Series offers a flexible design in a broad range of sizes. It's the internal features that set the 60 Series valves apart. The stem bearing has serrations that will hold lubricant, reducing torque and extending the lifespan of the valve. Swagelok uses a live-loaded seat. This means that two washers are responsive, pushing the load down into the packing system. This creates an even seal without pressure. This valve's swing-out design allows you to change the packing while leaving the valve inline. Your line will be up and running in less time than it does when you use a traditional valve.


Specific Needs Require Custom Designs


The 60 Series offers different variants for special applications.



Steam is more corrosive than many fluids. Unlike conventional sealing methods, Swagelok's patented seats and stem packing in the steam 60 series ball valves resist the erosive nature of steam. This improves valve performance and increases safety.



With its unique, spring-like metal seat, the 60 series maintains a seal with a low seat load against the ball. Use it with high-viscosity thermal fluids because it resists contamination of the thermal liquid.



Stand up to heat with flexible graphite stem packing. It provides a reliable stem seal during normal conditions and maintains a durable seal in the event of fire. A vented ball allows pressure to equalize between the valve body and the upstream port. This feature prevents over-pressurization and potential seal blowout. This valve's eight-bolt construction maintains body integrity and body seals during rapid temperature changes.



A carbon steel valve body with virgin PTFE seats and packing. An upstream ball vent prevents over-pressurization in the ball and body of the closed valve.


We Get into the Details


Swagelok’s exacting attention to detail is highlighted in the options and accessories available for the 60 series. These include:


  • Different flanges to give you two completely different end connections on the same valve
  • Inserts for the dead space around a valve, a useful addition for your systems where the fluid may harden or crust up.
  • On-off (2-way) ball valves are available with either an internal or an external vent, for upstream or downstream applications
  • Solenoid valves, limit switches, and position sensors
  • Factory assemblies and kits for field assembly


To find the perfect 60 series ball valve for your application, look at this interactive PDF.


The interactive PDF covers:


A deep dive into the specific features and benefits of the valve’s design

Specific application with suggested 60 Series options

Options for automation of the 60 series assembled product


Swagelok's 60 series ball valve will take care of 99 jobs out of 100. Contact us and we can show how Swagelok's performance and design give you a competitive advantage.