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How to Improve Your Hose Knowledge and Hose Safety

Hose knowledge hose safety

Are industrial hoses in your facility getting the attention they deserve? Do you know the answers to fundamental hose questions like:


  • Can you cut flexible hose?
  • Can you repair a flexible hose?
  • Which hose is best?
  • How flexible is silicone hose?


Most manufacturing organizations have policies and specs around fittings, valves, and tubing, but hoses are often the last consideration. Hoses fail for many reasons. Leaks from hoses can cause serious issues your facility. Hose leaks can create unsafe situations for workers, increased operational costs, and adverse environmental and health effects. Swagelok Reference Point ’s blog, 3 Steps to Hose Safety & Lowering Plant Costs, by Senior Product manager of the Hose Product Group Doug Nordstrom offers three recommendations for industrial hose safety:


  1. Properly Match the Hose Type to the Application
  2. Proper Hose Routing and Storage
  3. Proper Hose Maintenance


You can read the details on hose safety here.