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Why You Should Try the SK Series Ball Valve

SK Series valves

What do ball valves do for your business? They’re easy to forget, because ball valves are one of the hundreds of moving parts that form the infrastructure that you rely on. You may not know it, but this one small component can make or break your business in terms of annual savings, damages, maintenance, and controlling vital resources.


For example, Swagelok’s SK series ball valves may not be the first thing you consider when you want to optimize production or cut costs but take a closer look. The SK series offers a range of customizable options for your industry. This ball valve has high-flow capacity in a compact design with end connections in sizes from 1/4 to 3/8 in. and 6 to 8 mm. This ball valve can withstand temperature ratings from −40 to 302°F (−40 to 150°C), has standard working pressure up to 6000 psig (413 bar), and is fabricated in 316 stainless steel.



What valve performs best with butane and propane? What type of valve is best for closed-loop extraction processes? What kind of valve can you use with materials at sub-zero temperatures? The SK valve comes standard with a low-temperature fluorocarbon FKM O-ring that provides long-term service where corrosive additives can cause other elastomers to swell or degrade. Keep in mind that in many applications replacing the O-ring in the SK series with a 90 durometer Buna or Ethylene Propylene can improve vacuum sealing performance.


Is your industry challenged by exacting federal regulations? Swagelok makes the SK Series ball valves to eliminate leakage in three key areas that many other ball valves do not, meeting the highest industry standards.


The high-level performance of the Swagelok SK series ball valve ensures that once you’ve made the decision to install your process will perform so effectively that you and your company will be able to focus your energy on other ways to move your business forward for years to come.